Quantum One DAO LLC & DeFi ONE (DFI1) Website Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: [April 19, 2024]

Welcome to the Quantum One Ecosystem! These terms and conditions ("Terms") outline your rights and responsibilities when interacting with the websites owned and operated by Quantum One DAO LLC, of Wyoming, doing business as "DBA" Quantum One, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) committed to advancing innovation within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. By engaging with the Quantum One Ecosystem, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions, overseen by Quantum One and its subsidiary, DeFi One (collectively referred to as "Quantum One," "we," "us," or "our").

Websites: The websites www.quantumone.io ("Quantum One Website") and www.defione.io ("DeFi One Website") collectively form the "Websites." By accessing or using the Websites, you acknowledge and accept these Terms. If you disagree with any part of these Terms, refrain from using the Websites.

Key Legislative Considerations:

  • Pursuant to W.S. 17-31-106(a), Quantum One DAO LLC is recognized as a decentralized autonomous organization under Wyoming law.
  • Pursuant to W.S. 17-31-106(b), the ERC-20 token contract 0xeaad65885fea47a3b1258935f4ce83aab06fdd3a facilitates membership in Quantum One DAO LLC.
  • Additional facilitators and governance structures aligning with the Quantum One Ecosystem's vision are planned, in line with legislative requirements.
  • As per W.S. 17-31-104(c), the operating agreement will include Notices of Restrictions on Duties and Transfers.
  • Pursuant to W.S. 17-31-104(e), Quantum One DAO LLC is algorithmically managed, with details available in the operating agreement and future amendments.
  • Quantum One DAO LLC may also be referred to by its former brand names, including Data Agnostic FunctionRel Interop DAO (DAFIDAO) and Da-Fi DAO. All associated assets are held by Quantum One DAO LLC.

1. Purpose of the DAO: Quantum One and DeFi One exist to foster community governance and decision-making in DeFi projects, investments, and initiatives, aiming to drive growth and innovation within the DeFi space.

2. Membership and Participation: Membership in DeFi One is open to individuals with relevant technical knowledge and understanding of DeFi concepts. Participants must adhere to DAO rules, including voting on proposals and contributing constructively to discussions. Complete details pertaining to DeFi One's membership and governance token will be associated with a formal Simple Agreement for Future Token (SAFT).

3. Governance: Quantum One and DeFi One operate on a decentralized governance model, enabling transparent and democratic decision-making. Members can propose, debate, and vote on strategic initiatives, fund allocations, and partnerships.

4. Transparency and Accountability: Quantum One and DeFi One prioritize transparency and accountability, encouraging members to disclose conflicts of interest and act in the community's best interests. All transactions and decisions are recorded on the blockchain for public scrutiny.

5. Risk Disclosure: Participants acknowledge the inherent risks associated with DeFi activities, including smart contract vulnerabilities and market volatility. DeFi One does not guarantee returns, and members are responsible for conducting due diligence.

6. Intellectual Property: Contributions within DeFi One remain the intellectual property of respective contributors. Members grant Quantum One and DeFi One a license to use, modify, and distribute contributions for community benefit.

7. Code of Conduct: Members must maintain professionalism and respect when interacting with others and representing DeFi One. Harassment or discriminatory behavior is strictly prohibited.

8. Amendment and Termination: These Terms may change at the DAO's discretion. Members will be notified of updates, and continued participation implies acceptance. In case of dissolution, assets will be distributed as per governance protocols.

1. Compliance with Laws

Quantum One adheres to all applicable federal and state laws governing DAOs within the United States, including but not limited to Wyoming-specific legislation such as the Decentralized Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act (SENATE FILE NO. SF0050).

2. Security Standards and Compliance

Quantum One upholds industry security standards and compliance requirements to protect user data and platform integrity. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

3. Use of Websites

Website content is for informational purposes only. Users must not disrupt platform operations or violate laws.

4. Intellectual Property

All website content is Quantum One's property, protected by intellectual property laws.

5. Links to Third-Party Websites

Quantum One does not endorse third-party content and is not liable for damages resulting from their use.

6. Limitation of Liability

Quantum One is not liable for damages arising from website use.

7. Changes to Terms

Quantum One may modify Terms without notice, with continued use signifying acceptance.

8. Governing Law

These Terms are governed by Wyoming law.

9. Contact Us

Questions or concerns? Reach out at inquire@quantumone.io.

By accessing the Websites, you agree to these Terms. If not, refrain from using the Websites.

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