Our Mission

We seek to unite the public blockchain community to reclaim our sovereignty from cloud service providers, discern reality from theories regarding the susceptibility of public key encryption to quantum and photonic computing, build a portfolio of tangible revenue generating assets, and assure a highly successful post quantum era by leveraging our $2 trillion plus USD market capitalization to build pre and post quantum capable, eco-friendly, 'DAO owned' data centers and, thus, the cornerstone of future public blockchain technology and the era of greater decentralized opportunity. Simultaneously, we are committed to advancing global economic prosperity by promoting financial inclusion, security, autonomy, asset ownership, and the regulatory compliance thereof.

Our Values

Our overarching vision was formed against the backdrop of the rapidly accelerating arrival of the quantum and photonic computing era. With great humility, we postulated the rapid acceleration of quantum computing advancement could significantly impact public blockchains and public key encryption 2 plus years before a Ripple mathematician concluded the same according to a May 2024 CoinTelegraph article. And prior to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin's October 18, 2023 statement indicating the sudden arrival of the quantum era would necessitate a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain and, thus, from our perspective, jeopardize the integrity and continuity of not only the Ethereum blockchain, but public blockchain technology in its entirety. Buterin's admittance is proof that the significance of quantum computing as it relates to public blockchain technology has been largely understated. Thus, we firmly believe it is time to decisively reevaluate our trajectory and consolidate our collective vision before quantum advantage becomes the next ChatGPT like technological explosion. With the recent release LightSolvers' desktop size, laser powered computer benchmarking in line and, at times ahead, of the fastest classic and quantum computers on the market, time is unquestionably of the essence.

  1. Decentralization: Embrace the decentralized nature of decision-making, allowing all stakeholders to have a voice in governance processes.
  2. Transparency: Ensure transparency in operations, finances, and decision-making to build trust among members and the wider community.
  3. Autonomy: Empower individuals to take ownership of their contributions and decisions within the organization.
  4. Innovation: Foster a culture of innovation and experimentation to drive continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving challenges.
  5. Inclusivity: Promote diversity and inclusivity, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds and perspectives to contribute to the success.
  6. Accountability: Hold members accountable for their actions and decisions, establishing clear mechanisms for responsibility and consequences.
  7. Sustainability: Prioritize sustainable practices in all aspects of operations, including environmental, social, and economic sustainability for both pre and post quantum computing eras.
  8. Community Engagement: Actively engage with and listen to the community to ensure that the actions align with the needs and values of its members.
  9. Fairness: Uphold principles of fairness and equity in resource distribution, decision-making processes, and governance structures.
  10. Openness: Maintain an open and collaborative environment where ideas are freely shared, debated, and implemented for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.
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